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S J Fielding, M Valovic, P G Carolan, D A Gates, C Hunt, P Leahy, A W Morris, the COMPASS-D Physics and ECRH Teams.
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
H-modes on COMPASS-D with high-power ECRH
Optional Fields
Plasma physics; nuclear fusion; Doppler UV spectroscopy; plasma rotation; tokamaks.
Recent high-power electron-cyclotron resonance heating (ECRH) H-mode experiments on COMPASS-D have used fundamental high-power ECRH to access high densities. Within the operating range set by the H-mode density threshold and ECRH accessibility, H-mode power thresholds are significantly higher than expected from ITER scalings, and show a contrary dependence on density. Energy confinement is somewhat lower than that suggested by the present ITER scalings, but correction for incomplete RF absorption may be needed. Complex H-mode and ELM behaviour is observed.
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