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Mary O'Kane, Rosaleen Murphy
Transition from Preschool to Primary School: Audit of Policy in 14 Jurisdictions
Dublin, Ireland
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Transitions, Early childhood, preschool, primary school
To support and inform its work on the transition from preschool to primary school the NCCA commissioned an audit of policies relating to this transition in 14 jurisdictions: Australia (Queensland and Victoria); Canada (Ontario); England; Finland; France; Netherlands; New Zealand; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Singapore; Sweden; USA(Massachusetts) and Wales. These were chosen either because of their similarity to the Irish system or because of their reputation for excellence in early childhood care and education. The audit focuses in greater detail on those jurisdictions which have more developed policies and practices on transition- Australia and New Zealand -and notes brief points of relevance in each jurisdiction.
Audit of international policy on transition from preschool to primary school
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