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Rudden, F. and McEvoy, P. and Leahy, P.
International Conference on Ocean Energy
Novel polymer tether systems reduce peak loads on floating offshore wind turbine moorings
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marine renewable energy; elastomers; offshore engineering; semisubmersibles
This study identifies the specifications required of novel polymer based mooring systems to deliver benefits over conventional moorings in floating wind and other marine renewable energy applications. The proposed mooring system is a combination of elastomeric tethers and thermoplastic springs developed by Technology from Ideas (TfI) Ltd. Simulations of this mooring system based on numerical models of two floating offshore wind turbine platform concepts were carried out using Orcina┐s OrcaFlex marine dynamics computer package. Modelling of the forces on, and the behaviour of, a floating wind turbine system during representative sea conditions demonstrated a peak load reduction of 33% when elastomeric moorings are used in place of conventional moorings.
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