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Daly, Mary; Forster, Arlene; Murphy, Rosaleen; Sweeney, Avril; Brennan, Paul; Maxwell, Margaret; O'Connell, Emer;
The OMEP Ireland Journal of Early Childhood Studies
Children's voices in the Framework for Early Learning - a portraiture study
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The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is developing a Framework for Early Learning to support adults in working with children from birth to six years. The Framework is premised on an understanding of children as being active in shaping and creating their own lives. This perspective supports the inclusion of children's voices in decisions which affect them. The NCCA is using a portraiture study to facilitate children as partners in developing the Framework. The portraits will provide a detailed description of individual children's experiences and reflections on their time in early childhood settings and will provide an important benchmark for the NCCA in developing a national framework for early learning and development which is grounded in an Irish context. This contextualisation will help to ensure that the Framework is relevant and helpful to adults in working with children in Ireland.
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