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Kalwant Bhopal, John Preston, Zeus Leonardo, Karl Kitching, Ravi Rampersad, David Gillborn;
British Educational Research Association
Intersectionality and Race in Education Keynote Symposium
Institute of Education, University of London
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The common denominator of most intersectional thinking lies in its analysis of `multiple axes of differentiation ¿ economic, political, cultural, psychic, subjective and experiential¿ (which) intersect in historically specific contexts¿ (Brah and Phoenix 2004, 76). From a post-structural critical perspective, this stance helps refuse foreclosure on the terms of viable subjectivity (Butler 2004), as inequality and privilege are contingently, rather than predictably invested in practices constituting particular identities and institutions. In this paper, the ways in which tacit and overt politics of `race¿, class and gender coalesce to constitute acceptable classmates, subcultures and communities is examined in an Irish school setting. Analyses of maintained, changed, elided and disrupted discourses of `race¿, class and gender in this setting offer important lessons to critical theorists elsewhere, given Ireland¿s fluctuating fortunes as a `global hub¿, and its previous imagining as a discretely white-Irish, Catholic territory (Lentin and McVeigh, 2006).